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As the popular slogan goes, “People Make Glasgow”. It’s a city formerly known for its industry and shipbuilding, but has in recent years gained a reputation for its arts and entertainment attractions. The city has hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2014, European Cycling Championships in 2018, and is a UNESCO recognised City of Music hub. With established festivals running throughout the year and the locals’ love for music and film, check out What's on Glasgow and the Kingfisher Visitor Guide for a peek into the world of entertainment waiting for you. Please note, the following websites are independently run and will be updated at different times.

Food and Drink

Glasgow’s locals have a reputation for enjoying their food. Italian, Indian and Pakistani restaurants, many of which are family run businesses, have been on the city’s food scene for many decades. There’s been hype stirred up around street food in recent years; with Thai, Korean, Eastern European, Lebanese and Vietnamese cuisine proving popular across the city. There are many restaurants and takeaways across the city offering world cuisine and interesting food options for people with a variety of dietary requirements and preferences.

History and Architecture

Spanning a millennia; with hundreds of ancient castles and over 400 museums, Scotland and its diverse communities boast a rich and often turbulent history. Scotland is packed with spectacular architecture and sites, and Glasgow is no exception to this rule. Neo Gothic sites such as Glasgow Cathedral come together with contemporary art galleries and museums, to bring the story of the city and its ancestors to life. Check out Glasgow Life and NTS to find out more about what museums and historical sites Glasgow has to offer.

Sport and Recreation

Glasgow is green not only in the meaning of its name, but in the increasing amount of green spaces, cycling, football and alternative sports venues popping up across the city. Locally run sports clubs like United Glasgow welcome people from all different cultures, backgrounds and footballing abilities, and there are several stadiums dedicated to different sports throughout the city. Rising stars in alternative sports have seen venues for trampolining and roller skating open up, as well as climbing centres where you can test your balance and stamina by scaling their walls. Crazy golf and escape rooms offer adventure and accessibility for all.

The best part? Almost all green spaces in the city are free to enter and enjoy. For more info, check out People make GlasgowRYZE and Glasgow Life

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