Go Green for a Better Future

CitySA are delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded with a Working Towards NUS Green Impact Students’ Unions Award, for demonstrating leadership and embedding sustainability and social justice across both our campuses, curriculum, and wider society.

We would like to thank all of our students, academic and support staff for their continued support and endeavours over the past term.

It is our ambition to further develop this accreditation with the release of our Go Green for a Better Future. We have a number of campaigns which aim to build a future that’s greener/cleaner and safer for everyone! Below you can find some examples of the types of campaigns we'll be working on. 


15% of Scotland’s electricity generation comes from Fossil Fuels. Therefore, every time we use electricity, we are emitting harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

We need to start rethinking the way we consume everything, from our food to our power. Striving for sustainability is easier said than done, and we know that every student has a long way to go. Please sign the College Community Pledge to save energy on campus, support the reduction of carbon emissions, and save resources here

Green Travel Campaign

Transport is the largest emitter sector of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the UK – with 55% of these emissions coming from cars. Since fossil fuels burning vehicles are a major player on the pollution problem, bikes are definitely a step (or a pedal) in the right direction!

Heads up! You should still be very careful when riding bikes in a busy city like Glasgow. We will be hosting events such as Dr Bike, which will teach you everything you need to know to use this way of transport safely, and efficiently. 

Community Clean Ups

Every year 250 million easily visible items are dumped in our environment in Scotland. Littered and dirty areas are contributing to poor health and well-being.

This campaign aims to tackle the litter problem. We want to give students a chance to make a difference by protecting the environment around us, and with their action and visual impact we want to inspire other people to do the same, or at least, to do not dump litter in our public areas.

These gatherings are also great fun, and we cannot wait to invite you to our first community clean up. 


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