93% of the Colleges' carbon footprint comes from power usage - lighting, heating and hot water. In order to keep us safe from Covid 19, the College has had to put additional safety measures in place that will increase the use of energy and therefore, the carbon emissions.

Our collective choices can help reduce these emissions, and we want to help you take action and become more eco-friendly students and staff, by signing the pledge to save energy and following our 4 step guide.

If you want to help us promote this campaign, you can also share your decision with family and friends!

Lets’ show Glasgow we are still the dear green place, and embrace the green transition.

Sign the Pledge 

The College listens to the student voice and their concerns. If every student and staff member signs the pledge, imagine how much greener the College could become? It will demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and accelerate more eco-friendly decisions that the College can act on in the future. 

If you're a staff member, simply fill in the full name and email address fields. If you're a student, please fill in all three fields. 

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I pledge to save electricity on campus to support the reduction of carbon emissions and save resources 

I pledge to encourage others to do the same 

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