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Congratulations on becoming a Class Rep. During the new normal of Covid 19 Class Reps are key in ensuring all students in the college have a voice. By taking on this role you will be helping to represent the views of thousands of students and influence the work of your Students’ Association. Class Reps ensure that the student voice is listened to and acted upon.

To support you in carrying out your role as a Class Rep we’ve collated all the information you need to get started below, including what you might be expected to do as a Class Rep and how to book onto your Class Rep Training.


As a Class Representative you will act as the link between the College, CitySA and the students in your class. You will be responsible for communication. This means listening and talking to students in your class, representing their opinions and views to the College staff and passing information back to your classmates and CitySA. Your work as a Class Rep starts the moment you are elected and finishes before the summer break.

Your duties include:
- Collecting feedback from your classmates on their learning experience.
- Promoting feedback systems to your classmates such as the College Questionaires and MyVoice.
- Working with lecturing staff to improve the learning experience using feedback gathered.
- Attending Class Rep meetings as arranged by the SA (three a year).
- Attending Faculty meetings as arranged by lecturing staff - eg Stop Check Support.
- Completing your Class Rep Check In at the end of each block.
- Contributing effectively to the Class Rep Forum.
- Contributing effectively to wider student campaigns.

In such a big college with so many processes and procedures it can be difficult to get a grasp of the overall structure and how you fit into it as a Class Rep. Thankfully we have created a Class Rep journey which demonstrates how the Students’ Association gather feedback from Class Reps and students, where that information goes and how it is acted upon.

We will cover this during your Class Rep Induction, but of course if you have any questions get in touch using the Key Contact Information below.

We understand that there’s a lot of information to take in when you first become a Class Rep, so to make the adjustment as easy as possible the Student’s Association facilitate Class Rep Inductions. These sessions will cover what to expect from our Class Rep Meetings, how to use MyVoice and answer, what is a Class Rep Check In?

The current Induction period for Class Reps has now finished but will resume again in late January, please check back then for information on how to book on.

After you have completed your induction it’s time to complete your Class Rep training. With your induction focussing on the responsibilities and processes you should be aware of as a Class Rep, the Class Rep training focuses on the skills you’ll need to be effective in your role.

The training we offer to our Class Reps has been accredited by the Student PARtnership in Quality Scotland (sparqs) and is accessed through the Class Rep MyCity Module. All reps who complete this module will recieve acredited certification of their training.

In addition to this the team are developing a training programme to kick off in the new year focusing on key work areas that Reps need help with such as; How to write great survey quetsions? How to offer effective feedback?

With the blended learning currently being the norm for so many of our Class Reps we wanted to give you the opportunity to still engage with one another whether you are studying from home or on campus.

To do this, we have set up a Class Rep Forum, using Facebook's groups platform. This will be safe place for you to gather feedback from your peers, share ideas on Learning & Teaching improvements and get to know your SA and SE Teams a bit better. To join the forum simply click here, requst to join by answering our joining questions and wait for an admin to approve you.

We would encourage all Class Reps to join the Class Rep Forum but if you don't have a Facebook acount set up please don't worry, you will still recieve all the usual communications via email.

As a Class Rep it’s important to know the people who represent your views and how you can get in touch with them. For general Students’ Association enquiries you can contact or make an appointment to speak to the team. make an appointment

Your Presidential team are students elected every year by the student body to represent your views. Each member of the team has remit which focuses on specific campaigns and issues. You can get in touch with the team below to ask them questions about their role or get involved with any campaigns or events they run.

Presidential Team 2020/21 

Nicolas Garcia  Bernie Savage  Iona Gibson  Sandra Szymanska 
Alongside your representatives each Faculty has an assigned Engagement Officer to support Class Reps work effectively alongside Lecturing Staff. If your query is course related and you require some additional support please contact your Engagement Officer below. Again, please don’t worry if you don’t know your Faculty the team will redirect you to the right person if needed.


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