Roles Available

We are looking for two Faculty Reps per faculty and six Executive Officers (one per position). 

Faculty Reps

If you are currently a Class Rep studying on a full time or part time course (excluding evening/weekend leisure courses) and will be continuing on your course until June 2021 you can stand in election.

The full conditions for eligibility are as follows:

· You are currently an elected Class Representative

· Your course must be running throughout the entire academic year 2020-21.

· You must be aged 16 or over.

The role of the Faculty Rep is to represent the views of students within their Faculty at meetings of the Faculty Board Meetings and the Student Representative Council within the Students’ Association. This is a fantastic opportunity that gives students the power and resources necessary to improve to college experience for thousands of students.


  • Gather feedback from Class Representatives in your Faculty – the Students’ Association will support you to do this.
  • Attendance at Faculty Boards – there are up to three meetings each year and we rotate which Faculty Reps are required to attend.
  • Attendance at Student Representative Council – there are three meetings each year and if possible we encourage all Faculty Reps to attend.
  • Please note: you may only stand for one position in the elections.


Executive Committee

The Student Executive Officers play a crucial role making sure that the voice of our students is heard through all of the activities and campaigns run by the Students’ Association. Together with the Presidential Team and Faculty Reps they form the Student Parliament. As an Executive Officer, you're required to work 4 voluntary hours per week. 

Read through the role profiles below to see which role is of most suited to you!

  • Attend the Societies, Sports and Events Project Team
  • Work alongside students to raise money for charitable causes
  • Identify local, national and international charities/campaigns that CitySA could get involved in
  • Promote voluntary and charitable opportunities to students
  • Attend the Student Parliament and Representation Project Team
  • Work to promote the role of Class Representatives across the College.
  • Support and lead on campaigns around the student learning experience.
  • Attend the Diversity and Wellbeing Project Team
  • Celebrate and promote the diversity of the college by helping to organise cultural events and liberation months.
  • Work to support liberation and peer-support groups upon demand, such as LGBTQ+, BME, Women’s, Disabled and Mature Student groups.
  • Attend the Student Parliament and Representation Project Team
  • Ensure that Riverside students are fairly represented
  • Build a stronger students’ association at our Riverside Campus
  • Ensure students have up-to-date information and news about their college
  • Attend the Societies, Sports and Events Project Team
  • Support the planning of sports clubs and fitness classes
  • Work to ensure that there are opportunities to take part in sports across our two campuses.
  • Attend the Diversity and Wellbeing Project Team
  • Promote local, national and international wellbeing campaigns students can engage with.
  • Promote benefits of healthy living to students through initiatives to improve their diet and exercise.
  • Work to promote positive mental health to students and increase awareness.

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