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It is important to the SA that every nomination made to the Staff Awards holds as much value as the next. For this reason our judging process is purely focused on the content of each individual nomination and not the number of nominations received. Below we have mapped how we intend to judge the nominations we receive across three stages.

Stage 1 - Initial Screening  

The SA team will complete a screening process to ensure nominations are eligible. Any nominations that don’t include practical examples or are not in-keeping with the spirit of the awards will be considered as incomplete. Anonymisation will also happen at this stage.

Stage 2 - Scoring Panel Criteria for Shortlisting  

A panel of Student representatives will be sent all nominations that have gone through screening and have been anonymised. They will be asked to rate each nomination based on how best the nomination demonstrates the College’s Way.

  • Inspiration - Rate 1 – 4
  • Excellence– Rate 1 – 4
  • Innovation – Rate 1 – 4

Each of the panellists’ scores will be collated and the overall top 6 nominations will be made available for them to discuss at their panel meeting. Here they will decide collectively on the final shortlist of 4 nominees that will be passed on to stage 3.

Stage 3 - Scoring Panel Criteria for final Winner  

Following the quantitative process at stage 2, the final panel (again made up of student representatives) adopt a more qualitative approach by considering questions such as:

  • Which nomination makes you feel most proud to study here?
  • Which nomination makes you wish you had that class?
  • Which nomination generates an emotional response from you?


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