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My Voice is a decision-making online platform to empower all students to participate in the running and development of the City of Glasgow College. This is a place where students can come up with great ideas and share their views amongst the entire student population.

What can I do on My Voice?

There is a variety of topics which relate to your experience as a student at the college. If you have an idea for one of the topics you can post this onto the website. This is a chance for you to share any ideas that you think would help improve your time, as well as other (and future) students at the College. 

How do I get onto My Voice?

You will need to login to MyCity to access My Voice. On the homepage of MyCity you'll see 'My Voice' listed as one of the five apps. By logging in through MyCity, you'll be signed into My Voice straight away and an account with automatically be generated. 

Why should I use My Voice?

The Students' Association is very passionate about championing the student voice and reaching out to students in as many ways as possible. We believe that this platform will transform how you communicate and engage with the college. We are very excited to give you the power to be heard! 



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