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Welcome to the Neurodivergent Advice Hub. This space provides information, support, and resources for disabled and ASN students. Click on the buttons below to find out what’s on offer at the college and beyond, as well as information about our Student Accessibility Network (SAN) and our neurodiversity campaign, We Can


Learning Support

At City of Glasgow College staff work in partnership to ensure students with a disability or an additional support need are offered the tools, and support required, to develop the skills needed to become independent learners. Students can find more information on accessing Learning Support services here:  


Mental Health Support 


The purpose of the ILF Scotland Transition Fund is to help young disabled people, between the ages of 16 and 25, with the transition after leaving school or children’s services to be: 

  • more independent, 

  • more active and engaged in their community, 

  • and to build and maintain relationships with other people.  

Further information can be found here: 

Guides for Neurodivergence  


Post Diagnosis 


Dyslexia Scotland hosts links to community networks, support, and information for young people and adults, including post-assessment information and useful resources for employers and educators. 


  • Scottish Autism is an autism charity that exists to help those diagnosed with autism to lead full and enriched lives. 
  • Different Minds promote Autism awareness and understanding and have a fantastic section on myth busting! 
  • Swan run "Spaces and places for autistic women, girls and non-binary people". 


This leaflet gives some useful general information about neurodivergent conditions. 

Social and Arts 

  • Project Ability is a visual arts charity and gallery supporting people with learning disabilities and mental ill-health to create art. 
  • Birds of Paradise Theatre is a disability-led theatre company based in Glasgow. 
  • The National Autistic Society has compiled a directory of Glaswegian Autism Meetup Groups.  
  • Scottish Bi+ Network hosts an Online Neurodiverse Space for 18+ Neurodivergent people to attend every second Sunday. 
  • Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh is an organisation based in Edinburgh that aims to help autistic people make each other’s lives better through community events and peer support, advocacy, and education. 
  • DifferabledScotland offers peer support to Parents/Carers and Autistic Adults. 
  • Scottish ADHD Coalition has created a map of local groups within Scotland that support families or adults. 
  • ADDers have compiled a list of support groups in Scotland. 

City Campus

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Riverside Campus

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