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Cadetship training at the City of Glasgow College is a highly respected mode of study. Through a unique experience of studying at the college and practical hands-on training working on board a ship at sea, you will be developing essential skill sets for your future career. 

As a cadet, we understand that your split time between the college and at sea, is a unique experience and you may require some extra support. We want to highlight different support options for you to ensure you know that you are not alone. 

Something missing? Let us know! 

If you know of a great resource that you want to share with other students, then please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.



Getting Support at College

We know how important good mental health is to having a positive college experience, both in terms of succeeding on your course and in terms of your overall well-being.  

Please visit the Mental Health and Wellbeing page of our advice hub to access support both within and out-with college. 


Sailor's Society

Did you know that the City of Glasgow College has a drop-in service for students to access support at Riverside? Becky Haldane works for the Sailors’ Society and is an ordained Elim minister. The Sailor’s Society is a global maritime welfare charity supporting seafarers and their families in need. Click here to find out more about Becky. 

Becky, or another member of the Spiritual Care Team, is on the ground floor of the Riverside campus every Thursday lunchtime. You can find them by looking for their banner! 


Did you know that the Sailors’ Society has a 24/7 accessible helpline for seafarers and their families to access? This service is fully confidential. 

Helpline Phone Number: +1 938 222 8181 

Online Chat 

The Sailors’ Society has a 24/7 online chat service that can be used by seafarers and their families. To access the online chat service and talk to a chaplain confidentialy, please visit the Sailors’ Society website and click the blue icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


Tailored Support

Safer Waves offer support for seafarers who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment or gender discrimination.  

Salute Her are an organisation actively campaigning for gender-specific mental health support services for women who were harassed and/or sexually abused during military service.   

The Seafarers Charity is an organisation supporting the wellbeing and welfare of active and retired seafarers. They offer grants to organisations that support those who work – or have worked – at sea, and their families.  

Seafarer Support offers a free confidential telephone and online referral service helping to support serving former UK seafarers and their families in times of need.  

The Mission to Seafarers offer support to crewmen and women who face danger every day to keep our global economy afloat 

City Campus

Students’ Association
City of Glasgow College
Second Floor
190 Cathedral Street
G4 0RF
t: 0141 375 5322

Riverside Campus

Students’ Association
City of Glasgow College
Ground Floor
21 Thistle Street
G5 9XB
t: 0141 375 5600

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