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On Wednesday 22nd May we held our annual Student Awards. We had a brilliant time celebrating our amazing students and showcasing the great initiatives the Students’ Association has been involved in this year. 

We had 85 nominations across six award categories, and it was wonderful to be able to highlight some of the excellent achievements of our shortlisted nominees.  

Read more about our winning nominations below:

  • Extra Mile Award - Barbara Steele 

Barbara has demonstrated strong support for their peers and curriculum staff and has gone above and beyond to help mentor their classmates, ensuring they have the necessary support on campus, showing exceptional leadership and active listening skills. 

  • Class Rep of the Year – Monkia Smith 

Monika has consistently surpassed expectations to support not just their classmates but also fellow class reps. They have shown exceptional commitment to the class rep system and were the first in the college to earn the silver rep reward. 

They truly are a testament to unwavering dedication, attending over eight class rep events, providing insightful suggestions for enhancing representation, and shedding light on the obstacles faced by students on their course. 

  • Volunteer of the Year – Stacey Hawes  

Stacey has been commended for all their hard work, dedication, and commitment to volunteering. They have played an integral role to the success of the Student Pantry and their expertise has been so invaluable. 

They have gone beyond their remit, implementing systems to support the running of the pantry as well as utilising their cooking expertise to support pantry users with creative ideas on how to make the pantry items go further, including kid-friendly tips for pantry users who are care givers. 

  • Society of the Year – Student Accessibility Network (SAN) 

The Student Accessibility Network (SAN) society has been commended for the warm and supportive environment that members truly value. Through engaging with other societies and collaboration events with other societies, members have boosted their confidence in exploring new groups. Known for its supportive atmosphere, this society sees students attending even on non-class days. The consistent membership and budding friendships within this society are truly heartwarming. 

  • Sportsperson of the Year – Andrew Clark  

Andrew has shown themselves to be a great student and incredible sports performer, and they are proud to support college teams and contribute to their success. They have been a key player in their team's success in the college cup finals and coaching other players. Their dedication extends beyond the field, as they voluntarily coach other players every Friday morning, showcasing their passion for both the sport and nurturing talent. 

  • Inclusive Student Award – Ciara McCarthy  

Ciara has been an integral part of the Students' Association community for a couple of years, consistently demonstrating a willingness to support and uplift their peers. They have spearheaded inclusivity campaigns, raising awareness for students with neurodiversities and disabilities. Despite their humble approach, the positive impact of their dedication to providing opportunities for others is unmistakable. 

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