The benefits of joining a society

VP Sandra discusses the benefits of joining a club or society at the College.

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Whether it is E-sports or Photography, City Explorers or the Student Parents Network, clubs and societies within the College span across an extensive range of interests, giving you flexibility to join as many as you wish.

One of the major advantages of joining our College societies or clubs is the positive impact it will have not only on your social life but your professional life as well. Let’s look in more detail the benefits of joining a club and society while at College.

Find out more about yourself

With several student club/societies; you can get to know yourself, your potential and passion. Find out what you are good at, understand your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals. Learn how to handle challenging situations and test your knowledge.

Develop membership

While participating in College societies, you can learn how to effectively interact with others. Broaden your skillset, and enhance those you already possess. Leading a society of your own can make you a confident leader. Even if you are just a member, you can demonstrate many qualities including teamwork and dedication.

Increased social opportunities

Being a part of a society in the College gives you multiple opportunities to build connections. Meeting new people and establishing relationships will help you in the future. If you are part of, or you are thinking of joining a society you will meet people with common interests.

Well balanced Experience

Maintaining a well-balanced experience in College will enhance your academic performance. A different environment with like-minded people and fun activities will give you that much-needed change while keeping you healthy. Since we are studying and working from home it is very important to not overwhelm yourself with stuff that you would do before the pandemic.

Letting your prospective employers know

Being an active member of student clubs and societies is a great way to impress your future employers. Your participation will reflect your interests and knowledge you can present all your skills and the experience you have acquired on your CV and during interviews.

College club and societies have a lot to offer in terms of networking, leadership skills, professional profile, and employment opportunities. Whether you become an active member or lead a society, simply participating in extra-curricular activities can assist you with a well-balanced and stimulating campus life. So, join a club or society today and gain skills, make connections, and broaden your knowledge.


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