Hi! I'm Zahra, your Vice President for Diversity and Wellbeing...

Empowering students and raising awareness for women's issues, LGBTQIA+, Students of Colour and focusing on our student experience post pandemic. Who Can? Zahra Khan.

As a Scottish Pakistani queer woman with PTSD, I understand how difficult it can be to engage with institutions. Through my work as a student rep I understand how vast those barriers have become. I will use my skills to empower students facing adversities, especially women, those with Additional Support Needs, Students of Colour, Mature students and the LGBTQIA+ community.

The big issue facing us at college is the mental health crisis. College last year was rough, with hardships endured by most of us. I learned many students weren’t aware of their rights, or of help available to them. I believe more wellbeing workshops and inclusive campaigns on the anxieties of “returning to normal” are needed alongside mental health support for students.

I believe we need more engagement from the college, its affiliated groups and the local community which can be facilitated through CitySA. I have loved working cohesively with other education institutions for a better experience for students nationally, for our college students. For example, last year I brought an affiliated Amnesty International Student Group to parliament focusing on human rights, which has now being set up.

This year I hope to champion these campaigns, to engage with societies and work tirelessly for you. I will listen, support and raise awareness for issues affecting you. Let us be proactive, not reactive!



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