Achieving the Volunteer Glasgow Charter Mark

Find out how we achieved the Volunteer Glasgow Charter Mark

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What is the Volunteer Glasgow Volunteer Charter? 

Volunteer Glasgow is the centralised volunteering service for the city of Glasgow. To ensure that volunteering involving organisations (VIOs) are providing appropriate, interesting, and inclusive opportunities, Volunteer Glasgow created their Volunteer Charter.  

The Charter provides a guide/standard for VIOs to meet to ensure that they are following best practice when involving volunteers in their organisation, and to encourage continuous improvement. 

Why did we participate in the Charter process?  

This year CitySA launched our new volunteering service, including our online Volunteering HUB. As well as this we have developed our internal practices and policies to support all the volunteers that interact with us. These could be volunteers engaging through our Volunteering HUB, but also include our Class Reps and Society Convenors.  

Volunteering, partnership working, and student opportunities are frequent themes in the Students’ Association Strategic Plan, and in the vision of the wider college. Achieving the Charter Mark is a way to display to our students, college colleagues and external partners, our commitment to ensuring quality of practice within CitySA Volunteering services, and that we are held accountable in our ongoing review and enhancement.

What changes have we made?  

The two pledges that we signed up to as part of our engagement with the Charter process were:  

  • Create and expand appropriate opportunities for volunteering within your organisation,   
  • Ensure your opportunities are accessible to all sections of the community, and that your volunteering workforce reflects the demographics of the city [the student community]

Some of the actions we made to achieve these pledges were: 

  • Staff development training 
  • Student feedback about access to the Volunteering HUB  
  • Changes made to our website to provide easier user experience  
  • Expansion of our Students’ Association Media Team, including the creation of a TikTok account and handover to our Student Experience Directorate Communications Officer for specialised mentorship of media volunteers 
  • Specialised communications about our volunteering programme for ESOL students and students with PLSPs 

What happens now? 

We are so pleased that we have been successful in achieving the Charter Mark however the hard work doesn’t stop here! We are always looking to improve our services and increase the quality of our engagement with our students.  

We will meet regularly with Volunteer Glasgow for reviews, where we will be required to provide updates and evidence on our continuous work regarding the Charter pledges.  

We will also continue to seek student feedback so please keep in touch with us if you have any suggestions about how we can make your volunteering experience even better! 


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