Class Rep Update - Block 2

Read our update about our Block Two round of Class Rep Meetings and Check-ins.

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With eight weeks left of the academic year, we wanted to ensure that you had an update about our Block Two rounds of Class Rep Meetings and Check-ins. Here’s what our Reps got up to in Block Two: 


Our Class Reps have worked incredibly hard this year with approximately 464 voluntary hours being undertaken by the 123 Class Reps who filled out the Block Two Check-in. The Check-in for Block Two showed that 39% of our Reps would like us to continue working on Assessment and Feedback for the rest of the year, 35% of our Reps would like us to continue working on Blended Learning; and 19% of Reps would like us to continue working on Timetabling and Feedback. 

Block Two Meetings 

In Block One our Reps told us that the three areas of concern were Assessment and Feedback, Timetabling and Communication, and Blended Learning. In Block Two, we had two sets of Class Rep Meetings to further discuss these areas of concern, as well as discussing ideas about how our Student Partnership Agreement should work.  

Here’s what we told our Reps: 

Assessment and Feedback: 

  • Based on Student Feedback about challenges in plotting assessment dates and receiving feedback, CitySA recommended a re-circulation of the College Assessment Policy. This was presented at Committee and was approved for action by the College.

Timetabling and Communication: 

  • Timetabling Challenges and the communication surrounding these has been fed back. CitySA has recommended the introduction of a Timetabling policy as well as asked for commumication feedback to be considered in the new toolkit for staff. The SA have been invited to attend the Timetabling Working Group and feedback will be passed to Corporate Communications. 

Blended Learning: 

  • Students have fed back that Blended Learning has been a challenge and a preference to be back on campus. CitySA recommended suggestions to improve online sessions and advocated students' need to be back on campus. Suggestions have been taken on board by Committee and there is an implementation plan for student's phased return.

Here’s what our Reps told us:  

Assessment and Feedback: 

  • Reps have suggested the creation of an Assessment Timetable for lecturers/curriculum areas

  • Some classes have experienced pushed back assessments due to class cancellations, but haven’t had clear communication about when these will be go ahead 

  • Some Reps have suggested that individualised time for verbal feedback could be offered due to marking being time consuming 

Timetabling and Communication: 

  • Some classes have had a wonderful experience with timetabling and their lecturers have worked hard to maintain consistency by keeping their students in for the same days each block.  Reps suggested that this idea was put forward during our next round of committee meetings

  • Classes are still facing challenges surrounding the communication of last-minute cancellations

  • Now that so many classes have been moved back to on-site learning, there have been some issues involving double-booked rooms and rooms that aren’t big enough for full classes

Blended Learning: 

  • A lot of lecturers have increased their time on campus which most students are enjoying, even though it’s taken some time to adjust to being back on site  

  • For the most part, students would like to continue using the ‘Blended’ approach and work with lecturers to find local solutions to fit the specific needs of their class 

Student Partnership Agreement: 

  • Reps told us that they would like us to utilise social media and, in some cases, use surveys to help gather ideas for topics to discuss in our Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) meetings 

  • They told us that they would like to be invited to discussion sessions when deciding what topics are important enough to take to SPA meetings. Our Reps have also said that it’s very clear through meetings and College surveys when there are big issues that should be discussed at SPA

  • Our Reps told us that they think regular updates on progress of SPA agreements should be given and communicated through social media, emails and website updates so that all students could see them 



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