International Day of Disabled Persons

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At City of Glasgow College and in the Students' Association, representation is important to us. It is at the heart of what we strive to do. 

Today we are recognising the International Day of Disabled Persons. 

This year, we have worked with one of our dynamic and ambitious students, Muhammad Baig, to form the Disabled Students Network. We are developing session ideas and social opportunities into the next term to bring students from different faculties together to increase their representation and make their voices heard, to hear if there's anything we can do to improve Student Experience for disabled students at College. 

As part of International Day of Disabled Persons, we spoke to Muhammad on who inspires him, what he wants to achieve through creating the Disabled Students' Network, and How students can work together to challenge stigma and increase representation for disabled students.

Who inspires you and is your role model?

I am inspired by British Disabled Activist Jane Campbell, Baroness Campbell of Surbiton who co-founded the National Centre for Independent Living  (NCIL) in 1996.  Places like the NCIL have been adopted throughout the UK for supporting people with disabilities which has helped me and many others in becoming independent.  Along with that I am inspired by the physicist Stephen Hawking because he showed that  for a disabled person nothing is impossible and they can achieve anything they want.

What do you hope to achieve through creating the Disabled Students' Network this year?

The Disabled Student Network aims are:

  • To become a society where students with additional support needs can come and find information on support services
  • To signpost disabled students to other services
  • To inform disabled students about their rights and current national and regional   policies on disability
  • To become an advocacy forum for disabled students at the college

How can students work together to challenge stigma and increase representation for disabled students?

One way is that all students can promote this society, as word of mouth helps in promotion. Another way is we can arrange debates and dialogues on disability among students with all abilities. Lastly, we can start webinars or other awareness sessions relating to disability.

Join the Disabled Students Network

We also thought this day was fitting to share resources and a few Scottish based speakers, comedians and sportspersons who are unstoppable forces.

Ray Bradshaw: a comedian who is treading new grounds as he delivers his shows in BSL (British Sign Language)

Lucy Lintott: Follow Lucy on instagram, where she documents her journey with motor neurone disease and shares her positive life events with her fans

Scottish Disability Sport shares stories of dedication and resilience in the athlete community

LEAD - Linking Education and Disability

Inclusion Scotland - Activate

The College has a number of policies and procedures which aim to make our campus as accessible as possible for staff and students. You can find out more here



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