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LGBT Gold Charter

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CitySA has recently become the first Students’ Association in Scotland to achieve the LGBT Youth Gold Charter mark. This followed a motion passed as part of last year’s AGM to undertake the LGBT Charter to proactively improve LGBT inclusion for staff, students, and visitors.

We have worked in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland, and consulted with students and staff to ensure that the Students’ Association is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for everyone. Our work has included:

  • Celebrating LGBTQIA+ History Month and Trans Awareness week.
  • Working with staff across the wider college on an updated Trans and Gender Identity Procedure.
  • Delivering ‘Demystifying Pronouns’ training to our Class Reps and Convenors.
  • Launching a Gender Affirming Grant.
  • Developing an intersectional LGTBTQIA+ Advice Hub.

LGBT Youth Scotland described the portfolio as "exceptionally strong, with brilliant examples of LGBTQ+ inclusive practices across all sections", and highlighted several key areas of strength:

“Their work on supporting trans students through awareness weeks, training, and providing wellbeing opportunities such as fitness classes is to be commended. They have approached LGBTQ+ inclusion in an intersectional and wide-reaching way and has been active and visible throughout their journey.”

Additional to this, CitySA have been working alongside our student members to ask the college to take a progressive step towards creating a more inclusive learning environment. We are now thrilled to announce the introduction of our new gender-neutral changing facilities!

For those who prefer to user gender-neutral changing facilities, they can be located at:

  • C.01.073 - this is located near the training kitchens on the first floor.
  • C.03.015 - this is located near the sports hall on the third floor.

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