New Year, New You - Hobbies

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With the lack of social interaction we are all experiencing, life seems a little bit dull at the moment. We have to continue to look forward and stay motivated, and to help us along, picking up a new hobby can keep us occupied and entertained. Learning a new skill is brilliant for keeping our minds active and expanding, which everyone can always appreciate. Or perhaps you are looking for a new way to spend downtime.

Whether you are looking for a hobby away from computer screens, or using technology to your advantage, all of these hobbies are social distancing friendly.  These can be completed indoors / in your garden, or comply with the daily allowance for exercise outside.

It is important to keep active both in our minds and bodies, so try something new and see if it brings you joy.


Photography is a great hobby that doesn't necessarily need expensive equipment to begin. Using a smartphone camera is all you need to capture stunning images, and to record fond memories.

Join the Photography Society to share your passion with a community of others and develop your photography skills.


Most people view cardio as a grim chore, rather than a healthy way to keep us fit. Maybe we can reteach ourselves not to be so hard on ourselves and learn to slowly love running. Getting out every day to get blood pumping through your body and working your lungs has an amazing impact on your physical health.

Make your new year's resolution to start up jogging, take it easy to begin with to avoid injury or burnout. Set achievable goals and allow yourself the time to reach them. Running can become part of your usual routine if you stay consistent and stay motivated. This will not only improve fitness but also positively impact on your mental wellness. Advice on safety and support can be found with our very own running club.


It may be difficult to feel inspired to get arty sometimes, but don’t feel pressured to make beautiful art, make something that allows you to express yourself. Grab some paints, brushes and a canvas (which really can be anything!) and get creative by painting the things in your own home, or visit a local park and sketch out a scene on a notepad. Art sets range from less than £10, and you may find you want to experiment with pens, pencils, oil pastels or paints.


Yoga is the perfect excuse to get away from your desk and take some time to stretch off and relax. You can take as little as five minutes to hour long sessions to focus on your movements and breathing techniques. Practising yoga on a daily basis helps to improve posture and relieve stress.

The SA offer a weekly yoga sessions led by instructor Nicole. 


Tidy up your garden and spruce up your flowers beds! Despite the cold weather, gardening has numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. Working outside, even for short periods is very valuable in winter, as Vitamin D from the daylight helps contribute to a healthy immune system and better mood. Gardening is also a form of low impact exercise, perfect to get muscles working and will help you get a better night's sleep.


Today it is so easy to start playing online and video games; with endless genres of games, there will be something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in competitive games with friends or getting lost in an adventure yourself, gaming is a perfect hobby to spend time safely at home.

Getting into gaming may have an initial price of buying a gaming console, but consider buying second hand consoles and games.

Mood boards

Mood Boards are a great visual tool that help to plan out concepts and can inspire us to complete personal goals.

Creating a virtual mood board has never been easier (or cheaper), with sites such as Pinterest, it is simple to collect images and texts that express how you feel or something you want to achieve. For example, if you are planning on redecorating a room, you can create a mood board to reflect everything you want that room to be. This is a fun way to spend time but also to help guide you with your own projects.


If you are missing nightclubs and bars, try having a boogie in your own living room! Local Zumba/dance classes have moved online and can teach you new moves as well as getting your fitness up. Or buy games such as Just Dance to have some fun with your own household. It may not feel the same as having your favourite tunes blasting with your friends, but it’s an excellent way to release endorphins and keeps spirits high.


Living in Scotland and trekking up hills go hand in hand, there is not a better feeling than standing on a peak of a hill after a long climb. Hillwalking requires a sturdy pair of boots, warm clothes and determination. Here are some great hills in Scotland:

  • Dumyat, Stirling 418m
  • Ben More, Callander 1,174m
  • Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh 251m
  • Conic Hill, Balmaha 360m


Cycling makes easy work of visiting lots of places in a short amount of time, and for free! Not only is this an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, but also a great form of exercise. Glasgow is home to over 300km of safe cycle routes, and has an excellent bike hire scheme for students who don’t own bikes. For more information go to People Make Glasgow


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