Hello! I'm Megan, your Vice President of Learning and Teaching...

Everyone should feel seen and heard during their time at City of Glasgow College

I study HND Practical Journalism. My goal is to help ensure that students of all backgrounds and levels feel like they’re getting something out of their time at  City of Glasgow College. My main aims are:

  1. Recorded Lectures: 
    • Regularly recording classes would help students who have struggled with the pace of classes and those who have missed classes due to other circumstances.
    • It would also help accessibility of the course and revision of courses for pupils and staff.
  2.  Communication and Course Feedback: 
    • I would like to work with staff to find ways to make a higher standard of feedback that is more personalised in order to help students feel they are progressing in their courses. 
    • I would like to help implement weekly emails from course instructors to clearly outline what students can expect from the week ahead. 
  3. Class Reps:  
    • I would like to implement training for class reps and students before class rep elections so all students are fully aware of the purpose and roles of class reps. 
    • I would also like to create a log of class rep meetings across daytime and evening courses so that there is clear communication between all students at the college. This would also help if class reps stay in the loop if they were unable to attend these meetings.

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