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Hello everyone! 

I am Valeria, your VP of Learning and Teaching for this academic year. I am honoured for the opportunity to represent you this year and hope not to disappoint. 

I am experienced in student representative roles, including being an Education and Humanities Faculty Rep and Class Rep. I’m dedicated to a proactive approach to improving your learning and teaching experience within the college. 

My core values are: Respect, Caring, Empathy, Collaboration, Understanding, Freedom, Kindness and Love. 

I hope to see you in the long corridors of our college - or our CitySA! 

Contact Valeria

Some of my aims for this academic year are:  

1  To improve the community spirit among students.
2  Work with the Library department to provide services that students require.
3  Create support groups for minorities and under-represented backgrounds, including student parents and student carers.

City Campus

Students’ Association
City of Glasgow College
Second Floor
190 Cathedral Street
G4 0RF
t: 0141 375 5322

Riverside Campus

Students’ Association
City of Glasgow College
Ground Floor
21 Thistle Street
G5 9XB
t: 0141 375 5600

City of Glasgow College

Registered Charity No: SC036198

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