Hello! I'm Megan, your Vice President of Learning and Teaching...

I am currently a second year Practical Journalism HND student and am hoping to continue onto university next year. I’m very grateful to have been elected for this position and hope that throughout my time as VP I am able to ensure everyone at the college feels they are leaving with a valuable experience and education.

During my time as VP I want to build upon existing frameworks to help install confidence in students and their abilities, as well as prepare them for a future outside of their courses. I believe that every student’s voice should be heard and valued and that everyone should have access to the support they need in order to succeed and excel at COGC.

I would like to help continue COGC’s goal to make a more inclusive learning environment that is accessible to every student, as we all have different learning styles and needs. To do this, I will be working with fellow students, lecturers and other college staff to promote teaching styles and support systems that are adaptable, innovative and engaging.

I want the student experience here at COGC to be beneficial on a personal and academic level, with everyone feeling they have benefitted from their time here at the college.

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City Campus

Students’ Association
City of Glasgow College
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t: 0141 375 5322

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Students’ Association
City of Glasgow College
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