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Hiya! I’m Polly and I’m your Vice President of Social and Activities for this year!

I believe that clubs, societies and other activities at college are very important for each student during the studying experience.

I want to ensure that social life at COGC is accessible to a diverse range of students and everyone can be an active participant of student life - as it allows students to find new opportunities, gain new skills and make new friends. I will work on engaging as many students as possible to our student community. 

Apart from being a VP this year, I’m studying HNC Media & Communication at City Campus.

If you have any ideas for new events, clubs or other activities – feel free to contact me.

Contact Polly


City Campus

Students’ Association
City of Glasgow College
Second Floor
190 Cathedral Street
G4 0RF
t: 0141 375 5322

Riverside Campus

Students’ Association
City of Glasgow College
Ground Floor
21 Thistle Street
G5 9XB
t: 0141 375 5600

City of Glasgow College

Registered Charity No: SC036198

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