Hi, I'm Lori, your Vice President of Social and Activities...

I’m studying HND Media and Communications this year at City of Glasgow College. I’m a very confident, positive, outgoing person and I love to get involved in exciting opportunities. After struggling with my own mental health issues, I realised how helpful staying busy is. Having a routine and hobbies have such a positive impact on your mental health and I think extracurricular activities are a huge part of the college experience and allow students to make friends outside of their class and take part in a society that they really enjoy, while growing their confidence.

Making friends hasn’t been the easiest this past year with almost all of our learning being online which is why as your VP I hope to make your college experience exactly what you want it to be! I plan on acting as a spokesperson for your ideas and opinions when it comes to activities within the college.

One of my main goals is to ensure there is a society for everyone should they wish to join one. I’d like there to be a society that piques every student’s interest as I think clubs outside of class can be a great escape and help you put some of the work stress aside for a while. I’m excited to hear your ideas and opinions so please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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