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Liberation at City!

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The Students' Association wishes everyone a Happy Pride Month. This month is significant for the rights of LGBTQ+ people worldwide. As an SA, we continue to have a diverse community at City, and we are firmly committed to campaigning for the rights of people of all sexualities and gender identities. 

What is Pride? 

Pride Month is celebrated every June worldwide to honour those involved in the Stonewall Riots in 1969 and to pay tribute to other LGBT+ activists who have contributed. Pride is a celebration of queer culture, providing an opportunity to come together and reaffirm solidarity within the LGBT+ community. It's a time to acknowledge the community's accomplishments, let loose, and have fun. Numerous independent Pride celebrations occur globally through parades, parties, protests, and proms. However, it's important to remember that Pride is still a protest, as some people still lack equal rights in the UK and throughout the world. 

Where can I celebrate Pride? 

Glasgow Pride, one of the biggest marches in Scottish history, will take place on Thursday 20th July. Participants will march across main roads to ensure visibility. The event is free to attend, and numerous organisations will be hosting pride events throughout the day. 

LGBTQ+ Liberation at City 

This month, we are reflecting on our successful efforts to ensure students have been effectively represented throughout the year. Some of our key achievements include: 

  • Launching the Gender Affirming Grant has been a tremendous success in providing gender-affirming products to students, helping them feel more comfortable at college. 
  • Becoming the first Students’ Association in Scotland to receive the LGBTQ+ Youth Scotland Gold Charter
  • Hosting a session at the Learning and Teaching Conference on supporting trans students, led by our Student President, Leo Subido, in collaboration with the colleges EDI Manager and the named Student Advisor for LGBT students at the college.
  • Implementing gender-neutral changing facilities for students on campus. 
  • Participating in Trans Awareness training and committing to attending future sessions. 
  • Hosting a successful cross-network event and multiple activities during LGBTQ+ History Month. 
  • Having students vote to embed Trans Liberation work in our strategic planning. 
  • Providing LGBTQ+ fitness classes for students to attend.

As a Students’ Association, we take pride in representing our students and ensuring they feel safe and welcome at the college. Additionally, we offer an LGBTQ+ Network that students can engage with. This progress would not have been possible without the dedication of our students. 

More information 

If you need support this month, we have created an LGBTQ+ Resource Hub with contacts and support groups in Glasgow and surrounding areas. It also contains information on how you can get support during your time at College. 
We hope you have an incredible pride!  


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