SA Charity of the Year

The SA’s chosen Charity of the Year is nominated by students in our Presidential team and Student Parliament in their first block. 

Each team member chooses a charity that both represents their own values and interests, and who they believe deserves a bit of wider recognition through the Students’ Association.

The chosen charity will be a focal point for the Student Association’s charity, fundraising and awareness-raising work. It will not be the only charity that the SA raise money and awareness for - but it will be a potential partner and focus for the wider team’s work.

The chosen charity is in alignment with the values of the Students’ Association and wider College, and is a charity who our team believes can make a difference to other students and to the local community.


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Nicolas Garcia, Student President 2020-21: Woodlands Community (Glasgow)

This is a local and very active charity. Some of the things they are doing are:

During the lockdown, they have been providing a free food service to vulnerable people in the community. They also give (pay what you can) veggie boxes with recipes to cook them at home with the ingredients they provide. They are opening a community fridge.

They've also been providing spaces for family and friends to meet outside (they have a terrace that they have accommodated to make it possible for people to stick with the covid rules and meet their loved ones).

They organise repair cafes, for people to repair their IT equipment for free.

They repair bikes and give them for free to children in the community, and offer free workshops of cold composting, learning how to ride a bike, social rides


Iona Gibson, VP Diversity and Wellbeing: CALM

Iona is choosing CALM: Campaign Against Living Miserably. Her comments are below:

It is a charity dedicated to preventing and supporting people at risk of suicide, and highlight that men are more likely to experience depression and suicidal thoughts. I am very passionate about removing the stigma for men opening up and speaking about their feelings and personal mental health. CALM offers a confidential helpline to support those facing a crisis, as well as running campaigns to promote wellbeing. 

"We campaign with media partners, brands and ambassadors to spread awareness of suicide and its devastating impact with campaigns like #Project84, #DontBottleItUp and The Best Man Project. We challenge boring male stereotypes and encourage positive behavioural change and help-seeking behaviour, using cultural touch points like art, music, sport and comedy."


Bernie Savage, VP Learning and Teaching: Become

Bernie has nominated Become Charity, as they work with children and young people who are care experienced. 

Become is here to make a difference to individual lives right now, and the care system as a whole for future generations. Since 1992 they've been working to improve the everyday lives and future life chances of children in care and young care leavers.

They state:  Our mission is to help children in care and young care leavers to believe in themselves and to heal, grow and unleash their potential.





Kieran Wilkes; Charities Officer - LGBT Youth Scotland

Kieran’s chosen charity is LGBT+ YOUTH SCOTLAND.

This charity helps struggling LGBT+ youth in Scotland who are struggling with personal identity and being discriminated against.  They provide young people a safe place to talk about their sexuality and talk about problems.



Rosie Gibson - Faculty Rep for Education and Humanities - Beatson

I would like to nominate the Beatson as they support patients and families in Glasgow and around Scotland who have had someone diagnosed with cancer. They offer support to patients and families through all stages of treatment such as proving wellbeing services from providing different therapies or fitting patients with their own wigs they also provide a Specialist Health and Work service which allows patients to access support when returning to work or homelife by helping build bridges with employers to understand the circumstances they are in or they may support their mental health while combating stress and anxiety. Families are also supported through all stages from diagnosis till end of treatment.


Jayde Ann Cowan - Sports Officer - Liam Scott Go Fund Me 

Jayde’s team have discussed as a department and decided they would like to donate to Liam Scott’s gofundme to help raise money for under-privileged children.

Jayde says; “We thought this is a good charity and the meaning behind it had a powerful impact. It is something that would be beneficial and change the lives of some children for good. I have included the link for you all to go read and learn about the go fund me”.


Charlie Jones - Faculty Rep, Hospitality and Leisure - Maggie’s Centre, Glasgow

Charlie has nominated - Maggie’s Cancer Centre, Glasgow

Charlie’s statement is: “Everyone has been affected directly or indirectly with cancer. This charity doesn’t just work with cancer sufferers but with their friends and family offering support, advice and counselling for all affected. They are non-government funded and during this current climate need all the help they can get.

The college also work alongside Malcolm’s Construction, who donate funding and sponsorship for students who need to create events, etc. And the only catch is any profits have to be given to Maggie’s.

So we already have connections with the charity but they’re very small and could be better”.

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